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Elinor W.

I had my first chiropractic adjustment with Dr. Van Metter over 13 years ago.  At that time I had limited flexiblity in my neck and suffered from hay fever-like alleries almost 12 months of the year.  I was pretty miserable.  A friend suggested I see Dr. Van Metter, I was skeptical. I had my first adjustment and WOW did it improve my life! I had almost immediate relief from allergies and they continued to dissipate with every adjustment.  My neck was so much better I encourage everone to try chiropractic. It is so helpful and so effective and affordable.  It can really help make and keep you healthy. I was most pleased with the results! And if ever I've had an accident, for example I fell and hit my tail bone, Dr. Van Metter always sees me promptly. I always feel better and heal quicker.  It's a pleasure dealing with his very kind staff too.  Thanks for keeping me "tuned up" Dr. Van Metter!  -Elinor W.